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Rules for Wiki Use

Page history last edited by Anita Brooks Kirkland 12 years, 5 months ago

Rules for Wiki Use

(These rules were developed by Marybeth Snyder, teacher-librarian at HHSS.) 


Rule #1

If you can't write it in the classroom, you can't write it on the wiki.


Rule #2

You must SAVE your work EACH time you EDIT or you will lose all of your changes. THERE IS NO AUTOMATIC SAVE!!


Rule #3

You may not use MSN-speak on the wiki. You are expected to write in complete sentences, using capital letters and the appropriate punctuation. 


Rule #4

You are not allowed to use the wiki as a tool to "chat" with other students. Comment section is used to provide constructive critique, to compliment or ask questions about other students' work. Marks will be deducted from students who abuse the "comment" box.


Rule #5

You are not permitted to make corrections on another student's page. You may tell the student what you noticed, but you may not make the change. All editing is recorded and teachers will be aware of who makes changes and where they are made. Even if a change is made and switched back, the original edit will still be recorded and forwarded to the administrator/teacher.


Rule #6

Do not "Steal the lock" from someone unless you are sure they are finished editing. If you do this, the other person will lose all of the changes made.

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