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Thursday August 13, Morning:

  • Welcome to camp!
  • Tech problem? Put a brief note on the board outside Mtg Rm D - make sure you say where you are
  • Check the schedule in Mtg Rm D for changes or special sessions
  • Thanks to sponsors - great opportunities, great prizes
  • Jenny got her camera back
  • Look for facilitators in their black and red "Star Trek" shirts - campers with red shirts, hope you don't suffer the Star Trek red shirt fate
  • Take some time to enjoy the facilities, and the great weather!


June 22, 2009: The wiki is ready for business!

The CATC by the Water wiki is now ready for facilitator participation. Invitations have been sent to all facilitators who signed up at our pre-camp facilitator meeting. Please be sure to read the Instructions for Facilitators carefully before adding content to the wiki. You will start by playing on The Beach. You can then contribute to the Resources section of the wiki. Facilitators are also encouraged to contribute to theCamp Project Pages, or to help campers contribute. The Rules for Wiki Use provide guidelines that teachers might consider using with students. They can also be considered valid for this project.

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